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Buy and sell bitcoins without any identity verification. Pay with credit card, bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, cash and many more. Deals are instant and secured by Escrow.

How It Works

Find a deal

Select your country, payment method, limits and pick a vendor with the best price and reputation.

Make a payment

Make a payment to the vendor according to your chosen method and instructions on a deal. Bitcoins are placed into Escrow at this point.

Receive your bitcoins

Once the vendor receives your payment, bitcoins from Escrow will be released into your wallet.

What you get


Offers from various vendors, countries, payments methods and currencies. Pick the best option or place your own deal.


Zero documents are required to buy and sell bitcoins. Keep each deal as private as you wish.

Reputation system

Every deal matters. Make trades with vendors trusted by the community. Leave feedback. Gain access to special deals.


2-factor authentication, location based security, email confirmations, and IP address based security.


Escrow service prevents fraud and ensures everyone receives their money and bitcoins.


Passive income in bitcoins directly to your wallet. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues.

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