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Payment Method Cash by mail
Final Rate 11,564.18 / 
Limits 4001,000
Instant Limit 0
Payment Window 90 minutes
Location United States

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Your money is protected by escrow service at all times.

Cancelling a trade is free and has no negative side effects on your reputation.


Contact hours: 24/7
best times: 9am - 8pm EST


Cash in mail is our preferred method of trade. We have been trading this way for over 3 years. Trade in confidence!


After 2 successful trades you will be put on our trusted list to receive higher limits ( up to $9,500 )

ALL trades must be mailed the same day you make your trade request. A priority mail or overnight express tracking number must be provided and show that it has been scanned and accepted by your USPS facility the same day the trade is initiated. If this is not the case, the trade needs to be canceled. DO NOT mark your trade as paid until a tracking number and initial acceptance scan from post office has been provided.

We will accept packages shipped via USPS priority or overnight express ONLY. Do not use any other carrier or shipping method.


When you are sending cash, do NOT just throw cash in a Priority or Priority Express envelope and send it on its way. Please put it in an envelope first at a minimum. Get creative when you send it, conceal it in a card or an old magazine or go all out with it and use mylar. It is your money. No one wants to lose money. If a package comes open and hundred dollar bills are spilling out...Do you think you're going to see that package again?

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST PACKAGES! Your package must be scanned as delivered prior to release of escrow.


Here is how it works:

1. Initiate a trade for the amount you are ready to send.

2. Mail your package. * Senders details will be provided upon request.

3. Provide the tracking for your package once it has been scanned as accepted at the post office.

4. Mark as paid.

5. We release coins as soon as package is received.

Simple and easy. We look forward to many trades by mail!


We film all packages being opened from start to finish. Cash will be checked for counterfeit bills via detection pen and light. The video is only used in the event of a dispute or a damaged package arrives. Serious traders only!

Escrow is released the same day cash is received. We pick up mail, verify ALL orders, then complete trade. It should be no later than 5pm EST the day your cash is received.

Thank you


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Has less than trade volume.