Most of the actions are entirely free at apercoin.com, such as registering an account, buying and selling bitcoins, receiving SMS messages and emails, 2fa, posting deals, messaging other users, leaving feedback. Except sending bitcoins out of your wallet and receiving bitcoins on your deals.


Users who post deals are charged with a fee after every completed trade. Fee size depends on trading volume in last 30 days. See table for reference.

30 days trading volume Fee on a trade
less than 1%
more than 0.9%
more than 10  0.8%


Sending money to your wallet is entirely free.
Sending money from your wallet is subject to Bitcoin network fee of 0.001118 . The fee is calculated automatically and depends on network load. We are doing everything possible to reduce the fee. If the fee seems too high to you, we suggest sending in bulk or waiting for the network to calm down.

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