How to buy bitcoins

Step One: Register an Account

Register an account with Apercoin. You only need email and username. It will take just 30 seconds.

register at apercoin

Step Two: Filter Deals

Go to the deals page, select 'Buy Bitcoins' option, type in your desired currency and amount. Press "Get Deals" button.

search for a deals at apercoin

Step Three: Pick a Deal

From the list of deals choose one from a vendor with a good reputation, suitable payment method and best rate. Press 'Buy' button to see all details about the deal.

search for a deals at apercoin

Step Four: Enter an Amount

At the deal's page read vendor's terms carefully and proceed if you accept them. Type in your desired amount in the form and press 'Buy Bitcoins' button to start a trade.

search for a deals at apercoin

Step Five: Confirm the Payment

Once you have made the payment, press the "I've paid" button. Once the vendor has verified your payment, your bitcoins will be released from escrow and they are instantly available in your wallet.

search for a deals at apercoin