How to trade

Step One: Register an Account

Register an account with Apercoin. You only need email and username. It will take just 30 seconds.

register at apercoin

Step Two: Post a Deal

You can post and edit your deals at the dashboard. Click 'Post a deal' link to post a new deal. Complete the form using instruction.

Buy or Sell Bitcoins

If you wish to sell bitcoins pick 'Sell Bitcoins'. You have to deposit bitcoins to your wallet in order to sell them.


Select currency to use for a deal. Use three-letter abbreviation, such 'USD', 'EUR' or 'GBP'.


Pick the country to use for a deal. Your deal would be displayed to people coming from this country and searching for deals in this country.


Optional. Pick the city to use for a deal. Good for deals in cash and other payment methods which require a location to be known.

Payment Method

Used to transfer fiat money from one party to another. If you desired method not present in the list you can add new method just by typing it in.

Payment Method Label

Displayed next to payment method at deals page. Used for marketing purposes, example: fast, best rate, quick.

Price Margin

Margin you want over the bitcoin market price. Use a negative value for buying or selling under the market price to attract more contacts.

Minimum Amount

Minimum transaction limit in one deal. Trade cannot be started with the lesser amount.

Maximum Amount

Maximum transaction limit in one deal. For selling bitcoins, your wallet balance may limit the maximum.

Payment Window

Timespan given to make payment by vendee before trade automatically gets cancelled.

Deal Terms

Specific to deal terms and conditions, such as any identification requirements, time limitations and additional information.

Deal Instructions

Shown only after trade started. Typically contains information on how to pay, like bank account number, reference instructions and other payment details.


Unlisted deals are not shown in search results, but can be accessed using the direct link. Great for private groups.

Step Three: Wait for a Trade

Once a client starts a trade, you will receive notification via email, Telegram and website message. Check out trade details to see an amount and communicate with a client.

On-site notification

Email notification

Telegram notification